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If you have been pro-longing the life of your boatlift canopy and really need to upgrade to a new look, now is the time. Shoretex offers 5 different material types and over 30 color selections to make your lakeshore look spectacular. Contact your local Shoretex dealer today and learn about the many options awaiting you.

ShoreMaster Fabric Now Shoretex



Starting July 1, 2014 ShoreMaster Fabric, Inc. of Fergus Falls, Minnesota will change its name to Shoretex Fabric TM .

The company has been manufacturing canvas and fabric products for the marine industry for 25 years.

Specializing in quality custom boat covers and boat lift canopy covers, it is, and has been a wholly separate entity from Shoremaster LLC, the boat lift and dock builders.   The name connection between the two businesses has often caused confusion or an incorrect association of the two by customers and laypeople alike.

“Changing our name to Shoretex Fabric TM will clear up misconceptions of this sort and provide us with our own brand identity.”  says Melissa Rogers, owner and C.E.O. of Shoretex Fabric.   “This company has succeeded independently for over two decades, and we want to make that clear to all of our customers,” she added.  “We were independent as ShoreMaster Fabric, and will remain so as Shoretex Fabric.”

Shoretex Fabric’s ownership, management, and location will not change.  “It’s a change in name only.”  says Bill Kasper, V.P. of Sales and Marketing.  “We’re still going to cover boats and boatlifts.  Shoretex  Fabric customers will find us eager to provide the same professional quality products and service that they have come to expect from us,” he added.

Dealers may access company and product information at the new site www.shoretexfabric.com.  They can also call toll free 800-203-0563.

Boat Protection Redefined…

Our commitment to building several types and styles of marine canvas products of outstanding quality and lasting value has earned us a top-rate reputation within the boating industry. Inside this site you’ll experience the largest custom boat cover pattern library available, plus a full line of semi-custom boat covers, and boat lift canopy covers.

Our beautiful custom boat lift canopy covers provide for a unique and affordable option in covering your boat lift with several fabric and color options.  Follow the links above to learn more about our boat covers, boat lift canopy covers, and accessories.

What’s New?

The 2018 catalog is out and ready. The 2015 catalog is out and bigger and better than ever before. Updated with hundreds of more boat cover patterns, new material options for boatlift canopies and easier ordering, this years catalog will be a sales tool you wont want to be without. Call us for your dealer packet today.

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